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After discovering a "Polo mint-like" lump, a man was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer

1. A "rare" case of male breast cancer

Mark Nock, a former nurse from Birmingham, England, was given the news that he had the disease. After a coworker dropped a bowl of water on his uniform, he found the odd lump on his chest. According to Express UK, he noticed a lump under his right nipple that looked like a "huge Polo mint" after drying off in a staff restroom.

2. Mark was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in May 2018, when he first noticed the unusual lump in his chest. He went to see a doctor, and the doctor said it was suspicious. Mark was subsequently referred for a biopsy and mammogram. He had stage two breast cancer, which is uncommon in men.

3. Treatment

Mark had a full mastectomy to remove the tumor. For the uninitiated, a full mastectomy is surgery to remove the entire breast, including the nipple, areola, and breast skin. Mark was also given a hormone therapy that stops estrogen from binding to breast cancer cells and helps control the disease.

4.Side impacts of treatment

The medication welcomed on menopause-like side effects, and Imprint experienced warm glimmers, extreme dazed spells which would leave him unfit to remain, as well as morning disorder.

5.Lack of bosom malignant growth treatment for men

"Bosom malignant growth is extremely uncommon in men - the medicines are something similar, and I was endorsed Tamoxifen," he said. " I was a bit of a lab rat because these drugs were made to balance women's hormones and had barely been tested on men.

6. Raising awareness

Mark is no longer afflicted with cancer and is urging both men and women to check for breast cancer. "The second I felt that protuberance I understood what it was, I can't make sense of it, I recently knew," he said. " I thought it would be wise to raise awareness of male breast cancer because a conversation can save lives.

7. Signs and symptoms of male breast cancer

Breast cancer is a serious disease that can affect men as well. Men who have breast cancer may exhibit the following signs:

The nipple turning inward Fluid oozing from the nipple that may be streaked with blood A sore or rash around the nipple The nipple or surrounding skin becoming hard, red, or swollen The nipple or surrounding skin becoming swollen Swollen armpit glands

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