Tuesday, April 4, 2023

After yesterday's thriller match, Dhoni warns CSK's bowlers

Chennai, India.

Yesterday CSK defeated LSG (Lucknow Super Giants) by a whisker of 12 runs in a edge-of-the-seat match. The match happened in MA Chidambaram stadium at Chennai. 

That said, the team captain MS Dhoni was not happy with the bowlers and had a word of warning for the team's bowlers. It is reported that he had said, the team would have to play under a new captain if there are too many wides and no balls. Wide is considered to when the ball goes way beyond the batter's batting region. Similar to a ball in baseball. No ball is considered to be happening when the bowler over steps the bowler's crease while running towards the batter.

In yesterday's match, LSG had a huge score of 205 to chase. But during the first half of the twenty overs, the bowlers were found to be giving free runs via wides and no balls. Importantly, there were too many no balls which resulted in free hits.

Dhoni also expressed his surprise in the pitch being faster than expected. MA Chidambaram is usually found to be slower.

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