Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Another TikTok Ban: Australia bans the app on official phones

Sydney, Australia.

Australia has started its crackdown on TikTok by joining a small list of countries which has banned the app completely or partially. It should be known that the app is completely banned in India currently. US has asked the government officials to stop using the app on their official phones. Also the US government recently conducted a sentate hearing with TikTok's CEO on how the app collects data and information. 
Australia has explained that the intelligence agencies have recommended that the app be banned from its government official mobile devices.

Australia, along with its allies the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and New Zealand, is the final member of the enigmatic Five Eyes security alliance to pursue a government TikTok ban.

The app has more than 1 billion users and was the fastest to gain such users among its competitors. The app has been attributed to its Chinese ownership and thus could help in collecting data for the Chinese ruling party. It is to be noted that the TikTok acknowledged last December that it had used user data to spy on journalists. 

The problems for TikTok are an opportunity many new startups and even established companies. Instagram to be noted that it gained massive users after launching its reels product.

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