Monday, April 3, 2023

Bhutan: In resolving the Doklam dispute, China has an equitable voice

Bhutan: China has equal say in resolving Doklam issue

 Delhi, India: China has a say, similar to India and Bhutan, in settling the Doklam question, Bhutan Head of the state Lotay Tshering has said in a meeting.

However, India did not respond to the comment, which came six years after the military standoff at the tri-junction in Bhutan between India, China, and Bhutan.

"Doklam is the intersection of India, China, and Bhutan. According to a Belgian newspaper, Tshering said, "The problem cannot be solved by Bhutan alone." We number three. "There are three equal countries, each accounting for a third," he added. "There is no big or small country."

Tshering added that Bhutan is prepared and that discussions can begin as soon as the other two parties are as well. In addition, he denied the earlier media reports that the Chinese had established villages or settlements in Bhutan.

The PLA's violation of the status quo in the region was seen by Indian authorities as part of China's activities in Doklam, which were also intended to obscure the main issue.

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