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Chennai's Madhavaram Botanical Garden and things to do during the visit

Chennai's Madhavaram botanical garden is one of the horticultural gardens set up by Department of Horticuluture and Plantation Crops in Tamilnadu. The department has numerous gardens across Tamilnadu with notables ones like Botanical Garden in Ooty and the Rose Garden.

Madhavaram garden is unique in that it is situated across 8.8 hectares of area which is the highest in Chennai. The garden has numerous plants including fruits and vegetables plants. There is a section dedicated for flowering plants as well. The garden has a separate kids section that attracts families who can let their children play in the garden. Many fountains are featured in the garden as well. 

Plants, fertilizers and nursery are sold in the horticulture department which is closeby. If you want to visit the park, ensure that you have good sunscreen in the summer and an umbrella during the rainy season.

There are ample benches across the park for visitors to rest while taking a tour of the garden. Also, there's a canteen which helps with food.

Things to do:

  1. Take a look at all the plants and trees which are identified by their biological name
  2. Rest on the benches
  3. Eat in their canteen to refresh yourself
  4. Use the loo, if you have to
  5. Go on boating on the lake (tickets are extra)
  6. Lastly, do not forget to take wonderful pictures (the park is picturesque)
Tickets are prices at Rs 20 per person and it would be easily affordable for many. Parking is also available.

Toll free number for the horticulture department: 1800 425 4444

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