Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Ice cream sales in winter are closer to summer levels

In an unique comparison, the ice cream sales that happened in winter are comparable to summer sales. This typically means that the sales are picking up and customers are finding the ice cream palatable even in summers.
According to ice cream manufacturers, although sales continue to be dominated by summer, there is less seasonal variation between hot and cold months. Due to seasonality and fewer customers venturing outside of their homes, winter months typically see sharp declines in sales. Individual in-home consumption is also driving revenue due to quick commerce, despite the fact that out-of-home consumption is crucial for ice cream sales.

Typically, the first six months of a fiscal year can bring in as much as 60% of annual sales for some brands. Experts assert that the practice of eating ice cream in the offseason would be the same for other players.

According to R S Sodhi, president of the Indian Dairy Association, "one of the main reasons that individual consumption of ice cream at home has gone up due to e-commerce and quick commerce," "The seasonal variation in consumption of ice cream is certainly decreasing." Individuals likewise have greater coolers at home. In addition, there is a greater variety of flavors available today than, say, a decade ago."

This is interesting news since the covid took away most of the sales for ice creams for fear of flu. In India, ice cream is usually associated with getting a common cold and this led to a rout during the covid. But it is good news that sales are coming back up. It is even more fascinating that the winter sales are closer to the summer indicating that the customers are generally preferring ice cream all year round.

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