Thursday, April 20, 2023

Japan and South Korea are now experiencing sandstorms in China

Dust particles are affecting the quality of the air from South Korea to Japan due to severe sandstorms that have been ravaging China for more than a month.

According to AirKorea, which is managed by the nation's environment ministry, fine dust particles from the Gobi Desert have been increasing in South Korea and may reach "very unhealthy" levels in Seoul as soon as Tuesday afternoon. The dust storms are conjecture to arrive at Japan on Wednesday, influencing perceivability in the focal district that incorporates Tokyo, as per an estimate from the Japan Meteorological Organization.

After sandstorms struck 18 cities and provinces in China on Monday night, the effects are spreading. People biking home from work in Beijing's capital were caught off guard by sudden bursts of dusty wind. They had to squint to avoid getting grit that would sting their eyes and had to wipe thin layers of yellow dirt off their faces when they got home. On Weibo, China's Twitter, the storms became the most frequently searched topic.

Since the beginning of March, the nation's capital has experienced a string of severe dust storms. The impact has been exacerbated by dry weather, which has led to widespread fires burning grasslands in Mongolia and forests in China's Sichuan province. As they move south, the sandstorms are expected to leave Beijing by Tuesday night.

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