Friday, April 7, 2023

Japan's bird flu fiasco: Running out of land for burying chickens

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Tokyo, Japan.

Japan's worst bird flu outbreak has devastated poultry populations and sent egg prices skyrocketing. There is currently not enough space to bury dead chickens.

Across the country, more than 17 million birds have been killed this season. Carcass disposal must be done properly to avoid spreading the virus and contaminating water supplies. Local governments and farmers say they lack suitable land to bury them, state broadcaster NHK reported.

This case is an example of how avian influenza must be handled properly. The loss in supply has led to many companies increasing prices on their egg related items. McDonald's found to have stopped selling such products or raise their prices in their outlets.

It has been found that if these chickens cannot be buried, then they are burnt wherever possible.

Farmers and government agencies typically have plans to prevent waste such as carcasses, manure, and personal protective equipment from occurring during bird flu epidemics.

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