Thursday, April 20, 2023

March records pre-Covid highs for Indian air travel

By and large, March is a lean travel month with individuals starting to move around in the pinnacle occasion summer April-June quarter. However, data from the DGCA indicate that there were almost 1.29 million domestic travelers in March, exceeding the 1.14 million in October 2022, 1.17 million in November, and 1.27 million in December. In point of fact, March's total domestic air travel is the closest to the all-time high set in December 2019, prior to Covid, at 1.3 million.

The March 2023 figure, 21% higher than last March's 1.06 crore, shows the bounce back in movement has occurred regardless of airfares being at record highs with north of 100 Airbus A320 family airplane of IndiGo and GoFirst being grounded for quite a long time because of Pratt and Whitney's powerlessness to supply motors and extras.

Sanjay Kumar, a veteran of Indian flying who till as of late was IndiGo's main methodology and income official, said: " Life is getting back to normal as of early 2020. Vacation, work, family visits, and MICE (meeting, incentive, conference, and exhibition) travel are all back. This despite the fact that prices have gone up and there isn't enough space because so many planes are grounded. We are getting into an entirely steady travel and income period. The summer travel season from April to June will be a boom time for the travel industry.

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