Monday, April 3, 2023

Putin's talk of nuclear deployment is deemed risky by Joe Biden

Joe Biden calls Putin's nuclear deployment talk 'dangerous'


WASHINGTON: On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin's stated plan to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus's neighbor, labeling the talk "dangerous."

Biden told reporters at the White House, "This is dangerous talk, and it's worrying."

The head of the Kremlin made the announcement on Saturday that he was going to direct the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, which is governed by Alexander Lukashenko, an authoritarian leader who is also one of Russia's closest allies.

After more than a year of Moscow's attempt to conquer pro-Western Ukraine, a neighbor of both Belarus and Russia, Washington has condemned the plan.

However, US officials claim that they have not observed any actual movement of nuclear weapons from Russia.

Biden stated, "They haven't done that yet."

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