Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Skincare: Retinol some facts and some myths busted

Retinols are known for its super skincare properties such as reducing pigmentation and even removing scarring over a long period of times. But what do the facts and myths talk about them? Let's do a dive-in.

Myth #1 Skin will be thinned

This has been proven wrong since retinols will help in collagen formation and thus collagen will help to thicken the skin. 

Myth #2 It is useful only to combat ageing

Retinols, these days, are being used to help with acne scars and improve skin texture. So the days for calling it as combating ageing is way behind. 

Myth #3 They are harsh

Retinols have a unique property that when medication is started, they cause dryness and maybe even some inflammation or pimples. But these subside once the medication is continued for some time. 

Fact #1 Use of sunscreen

Sunscreen is not needed if retinol is applied during the nights. But in case if you want to apply them in the mornings, use a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Fact #2 Combination of medications

Retinol can be used along side other medications. But there are some combinations which can lead to more irritation or inflammation. It's always imperative to consult with a dermatologist before applying on our own.

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