Friday, April 7, 2023

Sweden detains five people linked to Quran burning

Stockholm, Sweden.

Five men have been arrested “on suspicion of aiding and abetting terrorist offenses,” Sweden's SAPO domestic security agency said Tuesday, adding the case was related to the burning of a Quran in January in Stockholm and that an attack is not imminent.
Trehörning said that Tuesday's arrests came following "extensive intelligence and investigative work “after the protests that were directed at Sweden in connection with the high-profile burning of the Quran in January and where there are international calls for attacks.”

She told Swedish broadcaster SVT that the suspects were in ”a planning phase” and that they “had not immediately thought of doing anything here and now.”

Finland, which had sought NATO membership at the same time as Sweden, is set to join the alliance later on Tuesday after all 30 member states ratify Finland's bid for membership. 

Sweden police did not allow protests against the offense in January citing public safety.

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