Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Taiwan reports multiple drills around the island

Taiwan has reported multiple military presence from Chinese army around its islands. It has said that the military drills are being conducted by the Chinese army. It is also to be noted that when Nancy Pelosi visited the island, the same drills were conducted in 2022. Taiwan says that this is alarming and may lead to escalation. US in its turn has reported that it can lend any hand to Taiwan to keep up its independence and the help could come in the form of troops to defend itself.

It is to be noted that Taiwan to US distance is approximately 12,000 kms across the atlantic. It could be that US sees a need to protect islands near its territories. 

China has also warned that Taiwan belongs to the country and can defend itself incase any other foreign powers try to interfere with its drills.

Many experts claim that these drills could indicate further escalation and China has successfully conducted a drill to isolate the island if necessary.

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