Thursday, April 20, 2023

The head of retail at Dell said: "Physical stores are turning into hubs for entertainment experiences."

Dell has been running brick-and-mortar stores for a long time, but as the retail industry changes, the company is now trying to provide customers with better service and a better in-store experience.

“Physical stores are evolving into centers of entertainment experiences, providing customers with a reason to visit and a reason to enjoy their time there. "The Alienware exclusive store in New Delhi will be at the center of how the PC giant's in-store experience is evolving for the upcoming decade," says Dell's global retail chief Rosandra Silveira.

Dell has been running brick-and-mortar stores for a long time, but as the retail landscape changes, the company is now attempting to provide customers with better service and a better in-store experience. We are continuously taking a gander at modernisation of stores," she tells uninvolved of the send off.

Its brand-new flagship Alienware store is more about "experience and touch-and-feel" than PCs themselves. She continues, "This is a space where gamers can play games and hang out. That's something we are starting, and it might be the model for the future."

Naturally, there are numerous retail locations where Alienware products can be examined by customers. The experience is what sets this new Alienware store apart from others.

The interiors of the store, which is located in Nehru Place and is the largest market in Asia for computer hardware, software, and accessories, have a futuristic feel to them, whether through the use of colors or templates. They look like the gaming PCs that Alienware is known for. The store offers something many refer to as the "Fight Zone," which permits gamers to play against their rivals as well as a devoted zone for makers.

Dell's flagship Alienware experience center does not aim to persuade customers to purchase products, unlike a typical PC store. Even if they don't want to buy anything, they are welcome to look at the merchandise, talk to other gamers, and leave. In addition to accessories, the store will feature Alienware products as well as devices from Dell's own gaming portfolio.

As Silveira portrays, the center conviction behind Alienware's most memorable experience store is to grandstand not simply the whole biological system that Dell and Alienware proposition to purchasers yet in addition an extraordinary post-deal insight with the guarantee and the administrations. " She adds, "It goes beyond the PCs."

Retail stores have long been an important way for Dell to connect with customers. It operates 5000 multi-brand stores in India and has 600 exclusive retail locations. Silveira acknowledges that customer expectations have changed and that Dell is working to prepare its stores for the world after the pandemic.

Silveira relates that in the past, a store's performance was evaluated based on the number of sales it generated. However, the possibility of a retail location has essentially changed throughout the long term. Web based business reception has advanced during the pandemic and individuals' idea of a retail location isn't equivalent to it used to be a couple of years back.

She asserts, "Presence is very important." We constantly strive to provide our customers with the best ecosystem possible, whether they prefer to shop with us in person, online, or anywhere else.

There is a lot of planning involved before Dell opens a new store: It's not really an income explicit objective but rather more to do with the sort of involvement we can give to clients, and how that plays in our whole methodology."

The manner in which Dell intends to position the high-end gaming PC brand in India is abundantly clear from the announcement that it will open its own Alienware experience store. “Alienware has always been associated with extravagant design, premium pricing, and superior gaming performance. It's a well-established, highly regarded, and popular with gamers brand at this point.

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