Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Weeknd and Drake song is popular because of how realistic it sounds, but it was AI generated

The song, which is about Selena Gomez, The Weeknd's ex, is even available on Spotify, where it has been listened to more than 2 lakh times.

Big tech continues to regularly announce new tools utilizing generative AI technology as the ongoing AI war rapidly escalates. AI could jeopardize nearly 300 million jobs worldwide, according to experts. With tools like ChatGPT getting better with each iteration, that seems increasingly likely.

Be that as it may, ChatGPT has 'just' exhibited its ability recorded as a hard copy things, creating messages, papers, and code in no time. What might be said about producing music? It turns out that those tools are also getting more and more used.

What's the fight encompassing the new Drake x The Weeknd melody?

A mysterious artist who goes by the moniker "Ghostwriter" released a song titled "Heart on My Sleeve" on April 14 that featured vocals from Drake and The Weeknd. Both Canadian artists sing and rap about Selena Gomez in the song.

In the event that you weren't educated as of now, there's a decent opportunity you'd take the tune to be the genuine article - it's that reasonable - with the exception of it's not, and is one more result of man-made consciousness. Since then, many people have shared the two-minute fake tune on social media, marveling at how natural it sounds.

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