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Top 10 facts to know about Super Mario

You must be excited about the new Super Mario Bros. movie if you played Super Mario as a child. The movie is all about Mario getting ready to fight Bowser, the main antagonist of the franchise, just like the games. With the possible exception of Sonic, very few video game characters achieve Super Mario's level of popularity. Let's talk about the facts about Super Mario.

1. Mario wasn't always called Mario. Instead, his original name was Jumpman, which came from the fact that he had to jump over things. Mario comes from Mario Segale, the landlord of the building where Nintendo of America was located.

2. Although Super Mario Bros. is the game that established Mario as a household name, it was not the first game to feature the character. In 1981, Mario made his first appearance as Jumpman in a game called Donkey Kong.

3. Due to the phenomenal success of the original Super Mario game, Nintendo quickly produced a sequel, Super Mario Bros. 2, which was not released in the United States. However, due to the game's perceived difficulty and similarity to the original, the company's US division decided against publishing it.

4. Super Nintendo World, a Mario-themed amusement park that opened in Japan in March 2021, is Mario's very own theme park. A real-life Mario Kart racing experience is one of the park's many rides and attractions based on the Mario universe.

5. Since his first appearance in 1981's Donkey Kong, Mario has appeared in more than 250 video games. These games are available for the Nintendo NES, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo Switch, among other systems.

6. There has been a Mario based movie already in 1993. A live-action film based on the Super Mario Bros. franchise was released in 1993, making Mario the first video game character to have a movie. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics and audiences, the film is still considered a cult classic among fans of the franchise.

7. Mario has his own "Day" The 10th of March is celebrated by Mario fans all over the world as Mario Day. The holiday was established because, when written out, the abbreviation for March 10 (Mar10) resembles the name Mario.

8. Mario has held more than 12 occupations. Mario is effectively quite possibly of the most gifted man on the planet and has had more than 12 occupations, albeit just 7 of those are formally acknowledged. In the first Donkey Kong game, he started out as a carpenter before becoming a plumber. The jobs that are officially accepted are; Plumber, doctor, racer, martial artist, professional soccer, basketball, and baseball player, nine Mario, the well-known hero of video games, could have faced a very different foe if his creator had stuck to his original plan. His foe was supposed to be an ox. Miyamoto wanted an ox to be Mario's biggest enemy, inspired by the cartoon Alakazam the Great. However, Tezuka, his coworker, suggested using a turtle instead, and the two of them collaborated to create Bowser, the evil Koopa king.

You might think that Mario and Luigi are just brothers because of their different heights, builds, and mannerisms, but this is not the case. According to the 1995 platform game Yoshi's Island, which is part of the Mario series, the two are actually twins. Before being separated, the twins are delivered to their parents by a stork in the game. After that, Yoshi sets out on a mission to find baby Mario and his brother Luigi.

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