Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Twitter changes its logo to doge and dogecoin has a surge of 33%

California, US.

If you are an avid twitter user, you would have seen a different experience today. In Twitter Web, the logo of the app was different than its usual blue bird. Users were treated to a dogecoin logo instead of the usual twitter logo which is also incidentally a meme image.

The interesting part of the entire fiasco is that dogecoin had a huge surge due to this change and people suspect there could be reasons behind this.

The dogecoin logo is from Shiba Inu breed which is prevalent in Japan and is a hunting breed.

In INR terms, doegecoin had a surge of almost 33% from 6.31 INR to 8.11 INR at the time of writing. 

Elon Musk tweeted that he had complied to a request from a user who wanted doge logo instead of the twitter logo. There have been many twitter trends that occurred due to this change and also many memes were created since this change happened.

We did not reach out to the Twitter PR since it has been noted that the email responds with a poop emoji as a response to any questions - See here: Elon's Tweet

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