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What is hangxiety? How to deal with it?


Hangxiety is the combination word of hangover and anxiety. Everybody knows that the hangover happens the day after somebody gets drunk. When an hangover happens along with anxiety, it is called as hangxiety. Remember that hangxiety is not a formal word. 

Whenever somebody tries to sleep off the alcohol, usually it ends up in an hangover the next. Hangovers usually consist of heavy headache and a drowsiness that stops your usual day in its tracks. That's the reason most folks tend to get drunk towards weekends. 

Hangxiety is when the hangover comes along with a feeling of irritability, anxious about what happened the yesterday night or the general feeling of sadness. This pop culture term has become famous recently and many people are starting to relate to the feeling.

Usually brain reacts to alcohol in different ways. But when hangxiety is there, brain has a certain chemical reaction that makes it akin to a depression where the person is irritably down. When alcohol intake begins, GABA receptors increase causing a relaxed feeling in the body. Glutamate decreases and thus causing less anxiousness. This is all good till the alcohol stays in your system.

But once the alcohol is out of the system, brain tries to restore the chemical imbalance again. Thus it decreases GABA and increases glutamate. This causes a sudden increase in anxiety and thus creates hangxiety. People have found that sometimes the anxiety comes along with a feeling of depression. 

Should you be worried?

There's nothing to worry about hangxiety unless someone is addicted to alcohol in which case it's better to talk to a doctor to figure out what's happening.

Preventing hangxiety

There are some hangover remedies that can also help in hangxiety:
  • Drink water, lots of water to keep your body hydrated
  • Give the body some energy and nutrients, usually eating solves this
  • Help your brain restore balance in a slow manner, do not stimulate yourself more

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