Monday, April 3, 2023

With China in mind, Japan reveals plans to control the export of chip equipment

Eye on China: Japan announces chip equipment export control plans

 TOKYO: Following the Netherlands' implementation of similar restrictions earlier this month, which drew criticism from China, Japan announced plans on Friday to restrict exports of 23 items used in the production of semiconductors.

A representative from the export control division of the trade ministry stated to AFP, "The announced measure is aimed at complementing efforts to avoid the military diversion of technologies."

According to local media, the ministry will now solicit public feedback on the measures, which are anticipated to take effect in July. Tensions in the global market for microchips have increased in recent years, with Western officials raising concerns about the supply of core components to trading partners who are becoming more antagonistic.

Following pressure from the United States to restrict Chinese access to the technology, the Dutch government announced its plans for new export regulations.

Japan was anticipated to take similar measures, and its ally Washington is said to have also urged the nation to impose controls.

In October, export restrictions were announced by the United States to prevent China from purchasing and manufacturing high-end chips with military applications.

They included stricter requirements for the sale of semiconductor equipment and restrictions on some chips used in supercomputing.

China's military, intelligence, and security services would not be able to acquire those "sensitive technologies with military applications," according to the US commerce department at the time.

China filed a dispute with the World Trade Organization in response, claiming that Washington was endangering global supply chains.

Also, it called the Dutch move the consequence of "tormenting and authority" by the West.

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