Thursday, May 11, 2023

18 people have lost in Russian attacks in southern Ukraine

Russian strikes kill 18 in southern Ukraine

 Kyiv reported that Russian strikes on Ukraine's southern Kherson region on Wednesday resulted in the deaths of 18 people and the injuries of dozens more. On Friday, authorities imposed a curfew in the main city of Kherson.

Ukraine is preparing for a spring offensive at the time of the strikes.

In the south of Ukraine, the city of Kherson, from which Russian forces withdrew in November, is close to the frontline.

On Telegram, the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak, stated, "As of now, we know of 18 dead and 46 wounded."

"Russian assaults on Kherson proceed. They are hitting innocent people."

Ukrainian police said Russia had shelled the city, including the "development of a hypermarket, a railroad station, a corner store, a grocery store and a private structure".

Local villages, according to officials, were also shelled.

Prior, neighborhood Kherson examiners referred to the assault as "gigantic" and expressed 12 of the casualties were killed in the city and others in adjacent towns.

According to the prosecutors, "on the morning of May 3, Russian troops began the massive shelling of the city of Kherson and the region's settlements."

Authorities had before said three individuals passed on in a strike on Kherson's just working hypermarket.

The examiners said three representatives of a "power designing group" were killed by shelling between the close by towns of Stepanivka and Muzykivka.

Additionally, Kherson will be subject to a 58-hour curfew beginning on Friday, officials announced Wednesday.

In the past, the authorities of Ukraine used long curfews to make it easier to move troops and weapons.

Oleksandr Prokudin, who is in charge of the regional military administration in Kherson, stated that the curfew would be in effect from 1700 GMT on Friday until 0300 GMT on Monday.

"It is against the law to move about the city's streets for these 58 hours. "The city will also be closed for entry and exit," Prokudin advised residents via Telegram, urging them to stock up on food and medicines.

He said occupants could take short strolls close to their homes or visit shops yet ought to convey personality archives with them.

"Such brief limitations are important for the cops to go about their business and not put you at serious risk," he composed.

Last year, during the initial days of the invasion, Russian troops took Kherson and occupied it until November 2022.

Russian troops left the city and crossed the Dnipro River to the eastern bank, where they now form part of the front line in southern Ukraine.

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