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Is consuming cold, chilled water harmful to the heart?

 We are frequently advised not to consume chilled water straight from the refrigerator. We are instructed to avoid drinking cold water.

But how accurate is this assertion?

We talked to an expert in this field, who told us how cold water affects our health and what to do and not do.

"Drinking cold refrigerated water is a need in summer and in such blistering climate. However, sudden vasospasm in the arteries can actually have negative effects if a large amount of very cold and chilled water is consumed. This happens more when you are scrubbing down or step into the virus shower right away, not really as drinking a glass of cold water," makes sense of Dr. (Col.) Principal Director of Cardiology at Max Hospital in Gurugram, Manjinder Sandhu.

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"Nonetheless, heart patients ought to be cautious that they shouldn't unnecessarily hydrate since it can set off heart arrhythmias and may likewise cause vasospasm which may once in a while prompt coronary episode," the master adds.

Vasospasm: what is it?

Vasospasm is an illness in which blood vessels narrow and prevent blood from flowing.

There are various types of vasospasms, such as coronary vasospasm, cerebral vasospasm, nipple vasospasm, and vasospasm in fingers and toes, depending on whether they occur.

Coronary vasospasm happens for the most part because of cold and is described via heart failure, blacking out, angina or chest agony and intense coronary disorder.

Vasospasms, which are caused by cold and occur in the fingers and toes, frequently change the color of the skin and cause a throbbing or tingling sensation.

Anyway, cold or warm water?

Several health professionals emphasize that staying hydrated is essential and recommend drinking water at room temperature.

To assist with digestion, many Ayurvedic experts advise drinking lukewarm water after meals.

When it comes to staying hydrated, one should exercise extreme caution and not wait until they are thirsty because when you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

One ought to really take a look at the shade of the pee and on the off chance that it is hazier in variety, in any event, when you are not parched you ought to hydrate yourself.

Alternate sources of hydration Having multiple sources of hydration throughout the day can help you resist the sudden urge to drink something cold.

Fruits and vegetables high in water content are a good source of water. For instance, cucumbers, watermelon, or even a glass of buttermilk and so on. can help you stay hydrated all day.

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