Thursday, May 11, 2023

Jack Ma has accepted a position as a visiting lecturer in Japan

Jack Ma takes up visiting professor post in Japan

 TOKYO: Jack Ma, the tech mogul from China, started a new academic career on Monday when he accepted a position as a visiting professor at a Japanese university. Alibaba's founder is a tech tycoon.

Ma would "share his rich experience and pioneering knowledge on entrepreneurship, corporate management, and innovation" in seminars for staff and students, according to Tokyo College, a division of the prestigious University of Tokyo. Since his fall from grace over two years ago during a Chinese government crackdown on the tech industry, the 58-year-old has kept a low profile.

However, he recently accepted an honorary professorship from the business school of the University of Hong Kong, reportedly for a three-year term that will end in March 2026.

On its site, Tokyo School said Mama would "direct joint examination and activities" with employees, "particularly in the field of economical agribusiness and food creation".

The magnate is also expected to "provide advice and support" on research topics as a visiting professor. Ma taught English for eight years at Hangzhou Dianzi University in the eastern part of China prior to establishing Alibaba, a company whose operations include e-commerce, cloud computing, media, and artificial intelligence. From the latter half of 2020, he was one of the most prominent targets of a crackdown on alleged anti-competitive practices by some of China's most prominent tech companies.

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