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PT Usha does a U-turn: She meets wrestlers and offers her support; UWW accepts the IOA's special committee

PT Usha U-turn: Meets wrestlers, assures them of her support; UWW approves IOA's ad-hoc committee


Delhi, India: After the late night group at the Indian Olympic Affiliation's (IOA) central command on Tuesday night to rescue the lost standing of the nation's head sports body, Wednesday saw the IOA president PT Usha pay an unexpected visit to the fighting grapplers at Jantar Mantar. She reassured them that their efforts to bring Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, the WFI's suspended chief, to justice would be successful.

In what was named as a harm control practice after Usha's "fight not really great for the nation's picture" worked up a contention, welcoming boundless analysis, the enduring an onslaught IOA boss, an unbelievable olympic style events competitor with north of 100 public and worldwide decorations in her possession, met the threesome of Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat and Sakshee Malik. " "First and foremost, I am an athlete," Usha told the wrestlers who were protesting.

Usha, who had required the grapplers "to be focused" after she was gotten some information about the dissent on April 27, enjoyed near thirty minutes with the grapplers paying attention to their requests and guaranteeing them that a fair consequence will be given to them. It has been learned that Usha informed the wrestlers that an ad-hoc committee of the IOA has assumed control of the WFI and will guarantee that the wrestlers' future and participation in international events will not be affected.

At the point when Usha was strolling towards the dissent site, certain individuals raised mottos against her yet the circumstance was immediately managed by the Delhi police faculty positioned at the site. Usha left without speaking with any of the media. The IOA didn't think of an authority explanation, however Bajrang, a Tokyo Olympics bronze medallist, let correspondents know that Usha had explained to them that her words were before "misconstrued".

"We told her that we regretted what she had said previously. She said that her remarks were misconstrued. We were informed by her that she is an administrator first and then an athlete. We told her that we need equity. We are not in conflict with the government or the opposition. We are here to improve wrestling and to ensure that Singh receives justice for India's daughters. Bajrang stated, "There should be legal action against him if this issue is resolved and the allegations (against Singh) are proven."

"Usha ma'am has stretched out full help to us. She is a donning legend and we regard her. He added, "Better late than never."

Vinesh, the ruling CWG and Asian Games champion said Usha felt frustrated watching them sitting in the city. Unexpectedly, it was Usha who had chastened the grapplers for sitting in the city and fighting seven days prior. " She stated that because you are athletes, you belong in the training room, not here. She needs to see us contend and win awards for the country. She feels disheartened that we are staying here. Respect will be shown to everyone who comes here. We are thankful that she helped us. According to her, such investigations take time. We asked her to run the federation and organize Nationals and other competitions without Brij Bhushan's interference. We asked her to speak up for us in parliament because she is also a Rajya Sabha MP," Vinesh continued.

Yes, we have booked hotel rooms. On Tuesday, the wrestlers admitted that they had booked nearby hotel rooms so that the female athletes could change there. After some pictures of Bajrang and his wife, Sangeeta Phogat, dining in a restaurant went viral on social media, the clarification was provided. Young ladies can't change out and about. "Bajrang stated, "We have booked some nearby rooms that we use to wash and change in." Sakshee elaborated: There is no truth to any of the rumors that we do not sleep here. Anyone is welcome to check here at any time." Vinesh blamed the Delhi police for spreading lies about them. " A group of non-governmental organizations wanted to come here this morning to show their support for us, but the Delhi police turned them away because no one was seated there. They were informed that we would return between 11 and 12 p.m. from this location. After that, a few people informed those kids that we are here. The police are engaging in frivolous behavior and trying to deceive the public."

In a late-night development, the United World Wrestling (UWW), the sport's global governing body, gave the two-member IOA ad-hoc body its go-ahead to run the federation's elections and day-to-day operations. "On May 2, 2023, the UWW also gave consent to the formation of the ad-hoc committee of WFI," stated Kalyan Chaubey, acting CEO and joint secretary of the IOA, in an office order. Bhupender Singh Bajwa and Suma Shirur will serve on the committee, which will be assisted by a retired Indian High Court or Supreme Court judge.

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