Thursday, May 11, 2023

Pune police officer who interrupted AR Rahman's concert describes what transpired: "I was only performing my job,"


The cop who was found on camera halting AR Rahman's Pune show has spoken about what unfolded that night.

The police officer who raged the stage at an AR Rahman show in Pune and carried it to a sudden stop has shouted out after the episode. Senior police examiner Santosh Patil was found on camera strolling the length of the stage, and signaling to Rahman and the entertainers to stop the show, because they'd surpassed the time assigned to them. " I was simply taking care of my business," he said.

The inspector stated, "I do not want to give any more comments" in an interview with Pune Mirror. Regardless, I am not permitted to give interviews to the media as a police officer. The Supreme Court has stipulated that no loud music may be played after 10 p.m. He also clarified that he had initially attempted to approach the organizers and only entered the stage when they did not respond. I attempted to contact the coordinators yet they didn't answer. Consequently, I needed to go onto the stage and ask Rahman and different entertainers to stop the music. I had no choice as it was past the passable time," he said.

Rahman himself addressed the situation on social media after concertgoers posted videos of the incident online. Did everyone just experience the "Rockstar" moment yesterday on stage? I figure we did! Pune, once more, thank you for such a memorable evening. We were awestruck by the love of the audience and wanted to give more. Here is a little bit of our exciting ride ride;)," he penned. The moment the officer walked onto the stage and signaled to Rahman to stop was captured in the video, along with glimpses of the concert. The amazing performer said, "That is all there is to it, we're finished, time's finished. I enjoy this.

His fans were fairly annoyed about the entire thing, with a few group commenting that he shouldn't have been disregarded in such a way. Others also praised the police officer's diligent performance and the grace with which he handled the situation. As he let the group know that the show would need to end, he said thanks to the police work force present at the scene. " This kind of end to the show is unacceptable. It was discourteous to Padma awardee AR Rahman. There were numerous manners by which the show might have been halted. According to Mirror, the event's organizer, Dr. Heramb Shelke, "it could have been stopped in a decent way." The show was scheduled to end at 10 p.m. at The Mills on Raja Bahadur Mill Road.

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