Friday, May 12, 2023

Shooting at Las Vegas middle school leaves one adult injured

1 adult injured in shooting at Las Vegas middle school

 Vegas, NV: Law enforcement officials said they did not believe there was any further threat to the school as their search for the shooter continued, despite the fact that an adult was shot and injured Monday afternoon at a middle school in suburban Las Vegas.

According to a statement issued by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the shooting at Ed Von Tobel Middle School was reported just before 12:40 p.m. The shooter did not injure any students.

After one person was struck by gunfire on campus but outside the school building, the principal of the school wrote to parents shortly after the shooting to assure them that all students were safe in their classrooms.

While police cleared the campus, the middle school, which is about 15 minutes' drive northeast of the Las Vegas Strip, was placed on lockdown for about an hour.

The person who was shot was taken to the hospital, but the police did not say how badly they were hurt. Additionally, the police have not disclosed whether the victim was a school employee.

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