Monday, May 1, 2023

The $3000 Reality Pro headset from Apple might need an extra battery pack

The Apple Reality Pro headset, which will be powered by an external battery pack, is said to include games, fitness services, and even an app for a virtual book reading.

The rumor mill has started to spread more and more information about Apple's first AR/VR headset, the Reality Pro, as the launch date approaches. According to the most recent reports, Apple is not developing any apps specifically for its VR headset. Instead, it is claimed that the headset will work with all iPad apps that have already been optimized for large screens.

Additionally, the Apple Reality Pro headset is said to include games, fitness services, and even a virtual book reading app. A buyer should have enough content and resources to play with with the entire iPad app library, and Apple is said to be focusing on making VR/AR apps in the coming days.

The battery support is yet another intriguing aspect that has been made public prior to the Reality Pro's launch. The xrOS-controlled computer generated simulation headset should be fueled by an outside battery, like the MagSafe battery packs from Macintosh that attractively join to the headset and can be kept inside a pant pocket.

This would mean the actual headset could have a conservative structure factor with a lightweight plan. Additionally, a headset is said to be powered for up to two hours by a single battery pack. The battery pack is also said to have a USB Type-C port, and the headset itself is said to have one. The pack itself is said to be the size of an iPhone, and users may even be able to purchase additional battery packs if they so choose.

In 2017, Apple began developing its first augmented reality and virtual reality headset after hiring a former NASA scientist. One of the most expensive consumer-grade virtual reality headsets currently on the market is thought to be the Reality Pro, which is expected to cost around $3,000 at this time.

The Reality Pro headset also has a portal that lets you watch live sports in virtual reality, a focus on gaming, the ability to connect the headset to an external display, a better FreeForm app that makes it easier to work together creatively, and finally the ability to control the headset with eye and hand movements.

Apple is said to declare its most memorable AR/VR headset on May 5 at the WWDC occasion. The company will demonstrate every major feature of the Reality Pro headset during the event, and we will also learn additional information about it.

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