Thursday, May 11, 2023

The most recent Google TV update improves efficiency, shrinks app size, and adds app hibernation


Google presented 'Application Hibernation', another element that helps consequently sleeps applications that haven't been utilized over the most recent 30 days.

Google as of late delivered an update for Google television that offers expanded execution and presents a new 'Application hibernation' include that assists users with free increasing extra room.

"App Hibernation" forces apps that haven't been used in 30 days to hibernate, according to a recent post on the Google TV support page. The feature, which is available on Android S and higher, was first made available in Android 12 and allows users to free up valuable storage space without having to remove the application from the device. It works by stopping the app by force and deleting any temporary files it has stored. Users will be able to quickly use an app after it is brought out of hibernation in this manner.

Google mandated that developers convert their games and apps from the APK format to the AAB format by May 2023, a few months ago. AAB, which stands for Android App Bundles, helps users free up more space on their Google TV by reducing the app's size by approximately 25%.

Coming to execution enhancements, Google says they have made changes to both the gadget and remote to diminish stand by time. The loading animation and the time it takes for the TV to respond to a button press on the remote are both improved in the most recent version of Google TV.

In August last year, Google carried out an update for Google television that decreased unevenness, offered better execution and presented a new 'Let loose capacity' menu close by a lot of different highlights.

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