Friday, May 12, 2023

The US will give Ukraine long-term security assistance worth $1.2 billion

US to provide Ukraine $1.2 billion in long-term security aid

 WASHINGTON: As Russia continues to pound Ukraine with drones, rockets, and surface-to-air missiles, US officials announced on Monday that the United States will provide Ukraine with $1.2 billion in additional long-term military assistance to further strengthen its air defenses.

The guide bundle is supposed to be reported on Tuesday and the cash will be given under the Ukraine Security Help Drive. This money will be spent over the next few months or even years to meet Ukraine's future security requirements, in contrast to the equipment, weapons, and ammunition that the United States typically delivers to Ukraine from Pentagon stocks in order to arrive quickly.

HAWK air defense systems, air defense munitions, and air defense drones will all be supported by the assistance initiative. According to the officials, it will also purchase rockets, artillery, satellite imagery assistance, and funds for ongoing system maintenance and spare parts. They talked on state of obscurity on the grounds that the guide bundle has not yet been officially declared.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the United States has given it nearly $37 billion in military aid, including this package.

The decision is made at a time when Ukraine is getting ready to launch a spring offensive against Russian forces, and air defense has been a persistent problem.

According to officials on Monday, Ukraine's air defenses downed 35 Iranian-made drones over Kiev during Russia's most recent nighttime assault. In a Telegram post, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko stated that debris from a drone struck a two-story apartment building in Kyiv's western Svyatoshynskyi district and set a nearby car on fire.

Russian shelling of 127 focuses across northern, southern and eastern pieces of Ukraine killed three regular people, the Ukrainian safeguard service said.

Russia has frequently utilized Iranian Shahed drones to increase its firepower in the face of economic sanctions and supply chain restrictions as a result of its invasion of Ukraine. Additionally, drone-killing systems have been included in US aid packages that include more immediate military support and weapons.

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