Friday, May 12, 2023

Who is Linda Yaccarino, the potential future CEO of Twitter?


CAPE CANAVERAL: Elon Musk made an anonymous announcement on Twitter on Thursday that he had hired a new CEO for X/Twitter. The Wall Street Journal reports that Comcast NBCUniversal executive Linda Yaccarino is reportedly in negotiations for the position.

"Excited to announce that I've hired a new CEO for X/Twitter," Musk wrote in a tweet. In six weeks, she will begin!" He also said that he will become the social media platform's chief technology officer in the coming weeks.

Musk took over as CEO in October after acquiring Twitter for $44 billion. However, he stated in December that he would resign as soon as he found "someone foolish enough to take the job." He also said that he would then be in charge of Twitter's servers and software teams.

Yaccarino, the top promoting deals leader at NBCUniversal, talked with Musk at a publicizing gathering in Miami last month.

Yaccarino praised Musk's work ethic and urged the audience to greet him with applause at the conference.

She continued, "Buddy, I met my match," adding, "Many of you in this room know me, and you know I pride myself on my work ethic."

She is notable for the following:

She oversees all aspects of the company's advertising business, including linear, digital, streaming, data, measurement, commerce, and partnerships, as Chairman of Global Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

By developing NBCUniversal's One Platform, a unified, technology-enabled trading system that enables advertisers to reach audiences across all screens and formats, she has revolutionized the $70 billion premium video ecosystem since joining the company in 2011. What's more, she has led the organization's very first endeavor level information methodology and sent off NBCUnified, a first-party character stage that merges customer experiences from each NBCU division.

She is well-known for her ability to forge groundbreaking commercial partnerships with leading platforms and brands like Apple, Google, Snap, Twitter, Walmart, and others. She has also advocated for better ways to measure advertising effectiveness and has worked with partners to look into new options.

She is a board director, a global leader, a marketer, a COO, a philanthropist, and a public speaker. She is also the Chair of the Ad Council. There, she has gotten support from the business community, the White House, and government agencies to start a vaccination campaign with Pope Francis that reaches over 200 million Americans.

Numerous publications and organizations, including Adweek, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Fortune, Forbes, and Business Insider, have named her one of the most powerful and influential women in media. She has launched a number of initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion within NBCUniversal and the industry as a whole and is also passionate about mentoring and developing talent.

She holds a human sciences and media communications degree from Penn State College.

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