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After Hema Malini, Esha, and Ahana decided not to attend Karan Deol's wedding, Dharmendra writes them a note claiming "age and disease" and says, "Could have talked directly to you, but...

 Dharmendra shared a note for Hema Malini and their girls Esha and Ahana, and communicated his lament for not addressing them by and by. He did not specify the topic of his actual conversation.

On Wednesday night, Dharmendra posted a message to his daughters Esha Deol, Ahana Deol, and wife Hema Malini on social media. Dharmendra had just celebrated the wedding of his grandson Karan Deol. The seasoned actor emphasized his love and respect for all of his children in a photo he shared with Esha. The actor mentioned his advancing age near the end of his note and stated that he "could have personally spoken" to them, but implied that he did not.

Dharmendra's subtitle read, "Esha, Ahana, Hema and all my sweetheart children … … cherishing Takhtanis and Vohras l love you and regard you all from the center of my heart… … age and disease is telling upon me I might have spoken actually to you … … ..yet 🙏" Esha is hitched to Bharat Takhtani, and Ahana is hitched to Vaibhav Vohra. The entertainer didn't indicate what he was talking about. On his Instagram stories, Dharmendra also posted a picture of himself with his two sons-in-law and their children.

Dharmendra wed Hema Malini in 1980, but he was already married to Prakash Kaur at the time, and they had four children together: Sunny, Bobby, Vijeta, and Ajeeta. Bright's child Karan Deol got hitched recently, and web rushed to see that Hema Malini, Esha and Ahana were absent at the wedding merriments. Esha wished her nephew well on his big day on Instagram a few days after the wedding. She expressed, "Congrats Karan and Drisha. I wish you both happiness and love for the rest of your lives. Loads of affection 🧿❤️."

At the point when Esha and Ahana got hitched in 2012 and 2014 separately, Dharmendra's most memorable family was absent in participation. Notwithstanding being in the entertainment world, the two families have never shown up together.

In the biography Hema titled Hema Malini, Esha: Past the Beauty queen, had shared that she ties a rakhi to Bright and Bobby, and furthermore said that she admires Radiant as a "mentor." "I don't need to tell the world about the relationship between myself and my half-brothers," she was said. I am aware that the world discusses our relationships in various ways. Yet, the Deol relatives would rather not flaunt their connections."

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