Monday, June 19, 2023

Don't anticipate a rush of Rs 2,000 notes or a decline in deposit rates, says PNB's CEO

 Delhi, India: Punjab Public Bank MD and Chief Atul Kumar Goel doesn't see a surge of Rs 2,000 money notes, which are to be removed throughout the following couple of months, bringing about a surge of stores, and anticipates that it should hardly affect store rates.

"There might be a small effect. I don't see an excess of cash (Rs 2,000 notes) coming in on the grounds that it stays a legitimate delicate as on date, it very well may be acknowledged. These notes will only be held by a small number of people. While preparing his branch network for the exercise, he told TOI in an interview, "I do not see any challenge in exchanging or depositing these notes in banks."

A flurry of deposits following demonetisation had created a sizable pile of cash with banks and lowered interest rates.

Despite the fact that the bank's profits increased by more than fivefold in the fourth quarter, it anticipates that its net interest margin (NIM), or the difference between interest income on advances and payments on deposits, will slightly decrease as a result of the possibility that deposits will be repricinged during the current fiscal year.

"Deposit repricing has not fully occurred due to the fact that it depends on the maturity; some are for two, three, or five years, and this year they will be repriced. The majority of loans have been repriced because they are linked to the repo rate, which has increased by 2.5 percentage points since last May. On the other hand, PNB's cost of deposits has increased by approximately 2 percentage points. "Our guidance on NIM is in the region of 2.9-3% (compared to 3.3% from domestic business last year)," he stated.

The PNB boss, notwithstanding, said that the bank is supposed to report yearly benefits of over Rs 4,000 crore during the ongoing monetary year as it has made an adequate number of arrangements for terrible obligation and is focusing on recuperation of credits to be twice higher than the expansion to non-performing resources .

"Gross NPA has decreased by more than 300 basis points (100 bps = 1 percentage point) to 8.7%, and net NPA has decreased by approximately 200 basis points." We are confident of containing gross NPA beneath 7% and net NPA underneath 2% (from 2.7%)," he said. Goel likewise expressed that during the principal half of the ongoing monetary year, the bank is hoping to acknowledge over Rs 1,800 crore from cases under the IBC.

In addition, he anticipates that recovery from exposure to Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi will improve. We are working with the ED so they can deliver a portion of the resources on which banks had a charge. We are also trying to sell some of our security, like jewelry, that we have. PNB anticipates double-digit credit growth for retail, agriculture, and MSME loans, as well as strong demand from the corporate sector, particularly in the roads, cement, and steel industries.

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