Monday, June 12, 2023

Dust storm damage to Delhi-NCR has resulted in extremely poor air quality; take notice of how to protect your respiratory health

1. Dust storm in Delhi-NCR On Tuesday morning, strong winds swept across Delhi, raising dust, affecting air quality, and reducing visibility to 1,000 meters, according to the India Meteorological Department, as reported by PTI.

Meteorologists say that the dusty conditions in the Delhi-NCR area are caused by a combination of intense heat over the past five days in northwest India, dry soil because there hasn't been any rain, and strong winds that have been going on since midnight.

With dusty air entering your lungs, here are a few pivotal tips to defend your respiratory wellbeing.

2. Don't go outside.

 Don't go outside if you don't want to inhale dust that can hurt your lungs and sensitive parts of your respiratory system. If at all possible, prefer to work from home, and unless absolutely necessary, postpone any plans to leave. Spend as little time as possible outside if you must.

3. Don't forget to wear a mask if you do go outside. 

A mask will protect your nose and mouth. Wearing N95 respirator masks can better protect your respiratory health from dust, fumes, mists, aerosols, and smoke particulates than cloth masks can. These covers are effectively accessible in adjacent drug stores.

4. Do not exercise outside today if you regularly exercise outside. 

There may be more harmful pollutants in the air because there are so many suspended dust particles. Further, while working out, you are bound to inhale through your mouth as opposed to your nose. As opposed to the nose, the mouth cannot filter out certain large air pollutants, which can lead to health issues.

When this happens, you should stay away from vigorous exercise, especially if you have asthma, diabetes, or any other condition that affects your ability to breathe.

5. Use an air purifier inside 

While staying inside is the best way to avoid the dusty air outside, it may also contaminate the air inside your home. If you have one, use it to get rid of dust in your home and avoid any irritation caused by dust. Keep your doors and windows locked.

6. Don't forget to wash your hands and eyes. 

If there is too much dust in the air, it will likely stick to your hands, surfaces, and eyes. Wash your hands and eyes frequently throughout the day to avoid health issues. Clean your home's or workstation's surfaces with wet wipes or a damp cloth.

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