Monday, June 19, 2023

El Salvador football stadium stampede results in 12 deaths and 90 injuries

 Authorities said that a stampede at a soccer stadium in El Salvador on Saturday resulted in the deaths of 12 people and the injuries of 90 others. The stampede turned a highly anticipated match into a chaotic scene as fans rushed to save people who were suffocating under a mass of bodies.

Videos posted on Twitter and by local news outlets showed dozens of white people rushing toward the stadium's exit, some of them lying on the ground as more people piled on top of them. It was not quickly clear what provoked the rush at Cuscatlan Arena in San Salvador, where the first-association soccer groups, Alianza Futbol Endlessly club Deportivo FAS, were playing the second leg of a quarterfinal.

The director of El Salvador's national police said at a news conference on Saturday night that authorities were looking into a possible cause: The huge number of individuals going to the game might have made the arena's Wi-Fi glitch, which might have prompted an issue with checking QR codes on tickets. That issue, he said, may have prompted many individuals being stuck at the southern door of the arena, attempting to get in.

According to Mauricio Arriaza Chicas, the director of the police, some fans had entered the stadium by force. He stated that they would investigate game ticket sales. The sale of too many tickets for the match has been questioned by local media outlets. El Salvador's president, Nayib Bukele, stated that "everyone will be investigated: managers, teams, stadiums, ticket offices, leagues, federations, and other things No matter who is to blame, they will be punished.

It appears that the chaos began 20 minutes into the game. Commentators said they could see commotion in the stands and that some people had lost consciousness during a livestream of the game on YouTube. Fans ventured onto the field, and the game was suspended. Wellbeing clergyman Francisco Alabi shared photographs on Twitter of the scene outside the arena, with ambulances arranged in lines as fans stand next to the vehicles. Three of the victims died in hospitals and nine died at the stadium, according to authorities.

The soccer federation announced that all games would be postponed on Sunday and that it would "request a report."

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