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FACTBOX: Nadal's injuries prevent him from competing in Grand Slam events

 Major injuries that have forced Rafa Nadal to miss or withdraw from Grand Slam competitions over the course of his 21-year career are as follows:

2003: Injury to the elbow Nadal falls while training, injuring his elbow, which forces him to postpone his French Open debut.

2004: Stress crack in lower leg

Nadal's French Open presentation is postponed once more after a left lower leg crack powers him to skirt a large portion of the claycourt swing as well as Wimbledon.

2006: Nadal has not played since winning the Madrid Masters in October 2005 because of a foot injury. In February, he returns to action.

2009: Tendonitis in the knees Nadal loses for the first time at the French Open to eventual runner-up Robin Soderling. After that, he says that he had tendonitis in both of his knees for several months and had been playing with knee pain. He also has to miss Wimbledon.

2012: Tendonitis in the knee

Following a second round misfortune at Wimbledon, Nadal picks not to safeguard his Olympic title in London because of tendonitis. He eventually misses the U.S. Open and the remainder of the season.

2013: Stomach virus Nadal delays his return after missing the Australian Open because of a stomach virus that prevented him from practicing in the lead-up to the first Grand Slam of the year.

2014: Nadal is unable to defend his U.S. Open title because of a wrist injury and appendix surgery. He returns in September, but his season is over a month later due to appendix surgery.

2016: Wrist injury

Nadal pulls out halfway through the French Open because of a wrist injury which likewise drives him to skip Wimbledon. At the Olympics in Rio, he makes his comeback and wins a gold medal in the doubles.

2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nadal is unable to defend his U.S. Open title for the second time in his career because he chose not to travel for the American tour.

2021: Foot injury Nadal consults with his team to skip the Olympics and Wimbledon in an effort to extend his career. He then ends his season 10 days before the U.S. Open due to a persistent problem with his left foot that had been bothering him for a year.

2022: Stomach tear

Nadal arrives at the semi-finals at Wimbledon yet pulls out in front of his profoundly expected confrontation with Scratch Kyrgios because of a stomach strain.

2023: Hip injury Nadal doesn't play a single match after losing in the second round of the Australian Open, and he hurts his hip and can't play on clay.

He is compelled to miss the French Open which he has won a record multiple times in his vocation, including the 2022 title.

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