Friday, June 16, 2023

For Snapchatters, my AI becomes a language expert and history instructor

 As the My AI bot reaches 150 million users, Snapchat has revealed some insights into the most talked-about topics worldwide.

My AI, Snapchat's jovial chatbot, has exchanged over 10 billion messages with more than 150 million users in just two months. The business has also provided some insights into the most talked-about topics all over the world, revealing the diverse interests of various nations, including India. The chatbot was even used for educational purposes by some users.

However, My AI was most commonly viewed as a friend who assisted Snapchatters with straightforward tasks like writing poems and locating family-friendly activities. Over 100 million conversations, for instance, requested jokes as conversation starters. The AI chatbot appears to also provide useful advice, as evidenced by the fact that it received 2 million inquiries regarding the preparation of birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and baby showers.

My AI can provide individualized location recommendations in addition to general advice based on the information you share with Snapchat. According to the platform, approximately 5 million conversations requested recommendations for popular tourist destinations from My AI.

In particular, the location-based recommendations made by My AI have also been the subject of numerous memes in recent months. Its tendency to "gaslight" users about their city is a notable illustration of its eccentric behavior. It would flawlessly respond when asked about places in their immediate vicinity, but when asked directly, it would deny knowing where they were.

Despite this, Snapchat users continued to utilize the chatbot for restaurant recommendations, with over 5 million conversations centered on McDonald's alone. The chatbot was also used by people to ask for ideas for healthy snacks and recipes. With over 12 million conversations asking for advice on skincare, makeup, nail care, fragrance, and other cosmetics, beauty and fitness also found a place in My AI.

Help with consumer electronics information, learning about the most recent celebrity and entertainment news, and even education are all notable use cases. My AI has enabled individuals to search for colleges and universities, acquire new languages, and investigate history in addition to being entertaining. The Cold War, the Industrial Revolution, World Wars I and II, Queen Elizabeth, and other historical events accounted for one million conversations.

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