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In his feud with the British media, Prince Harry accuses Markle of planting an idea.

 Delhi, India: Lady Colin Campbell, a royal author, has accused Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle of orchestrating his ongoing legal action against a number of British tabloid media groups.

The Daily Mirror and The Sun have been accused of phone hacking and illegally intercepting voicemail messages, posing privacy concerns, according to Harry, who also holds the title of Duke of Sussex.

In any case, Woman Campbell, likewise a socialite, guarantees that Markle has pushed Harry to wage a conflict against the press, with her "definitive objective" being English writer Docks Morgan, as per news site The Nearby Report. She also says that Markle gave Prince Harry the idea for the legal suit to push their "political agenda."

Because I have been asking questions, I have been informed that Meghan is the one responsible for everything. Keep in mind, Docks Morgan was the manager of The Mirror for a large part of the period (whose reference was given in lawful suits). She was quoted as saying in a YouTube video, "Meghan is determined to destroy Piers Morgan," according to the news website.

Morgan has been critical of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ever since his friendship with Markle, a former actor, ended after the success of the television show "Suits." Morgan recently tweeted sarcastically, "This is so unfair on such a hard-working, inspiring couple who just want to spread love around and make the world a better place," following the conclusion of a multimillion-dollar agreement between Spotify and the media group of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Morgan and Markle have also had numerous heated Twitter exchanges in the past. He wrote about her "performance at her wedding to Prince Harry" in a May 2018 Daily Mail article. If you can't win an Oscar for the biggest role of your life, what's the point of being a professional actor?," Morgan had written.

Lady Campbell argues that it took Prince Harry decades to express his displeasure with the tabloids.

The entire situation is bizarre; Harry is describing events that occurred 30 or 20 years ago. They now annoy him, but they didn't when they happened,” Campbell exclaims.

She is quoted once more by a news website as saying, "I have been told that a part of the agenda is whether he wins or loses; They believe they will prevail in this situation. because they are absurdly building a platform and portraying themselves as "champions of the underdog."

However, Harry may be “unwittingly harming his own reputation” by pursuing this legal battle, Campbell warns.

What is the dispute in court?

The Daily Mirror's publisher, Mirror Group Newspapers, is the subject of Prince Harry's legal action over a claim that the tabloid and others had illegally accessed his voicemail messages. This lawsuit was a part of a larger campaign by a lot of people, including celebrities, to get justice and compensation for privacy breaches caused by phone-hacking practices.

Prince Harry became the first British royal in over a century to testify in court earlier this month. The last time this happened was in the 1890s, when the future king Edward VII testified in a slander trial.

Prince Harry claimed in his lengthy written witness statement that the media intrusion had ruined his life and that the press and government were "at rock bottom." After swearing an oath on the Bible in the witness box, Prince Harry argued that he had been the target of constant media intrusion nearly his entire life. He claimed that the publishers of the tabloids invaded his privacy by listening to voicemails and hiring private investigators to investigate the tiniest details of his life.

In court documents, Mirror Group apologized for instances in which its newspapers illegally gathered information and stated that Prince Harry and two of the other three claimants were entitled to compensation.

In the past, Meghan also won a privacy invasion case against the Mail on Sunday in 2021 because the paper printed a private letter she wrote to her father. As a result, she received a one-pound settlement for privacy violations and an undisclosed amount for copyright violations.

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