Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Reset party's relationship with India,' says the leader of the UK Labour Party

 LONDON: In a speech on Monday, opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer emphasized the significance of "modern India" to a Labour government if the party wins the next general election, declaring: This Labour party has changed.

Since Jeremy Corbyn became leader, Labour has had a tense relationship with India. A motion on Kashmir that was unanimously passed at the 2019 Labour conference caused a significant divide.

Starmer, on the other hand, stated that he was "resetting the relationship" and hoped to visit India soon at the opening of the fifth UK-India Week hosted by the India Global Forum on Monday.

He stated, "I accept that in the past Labour gave the impression we could only see the lives of communities who needed our support. However, my Labour party understands that working people want success, aspiration, and security in every community, so we are increasing Indian representation at all levels in our party."

Starmer stated, "There are many issues in the Labour party where over the last two years we have taken a decision to change our party and look out to the world in a different way and to recognize how important and powerful India is."

If he were to become prime minister, he stated that his relationship with PM Modi would be "a respectful, open relationship based on the future, not the past."

Starmer addressed a group that included British and Indian high commissioners as well as British Indian industry leaders, describing India as follows: I see a modern nation that is self-assured and knows that even though the world is changing a lot, there is still a chance for this to be the Indian century, with India shining as the biggest democracy in the world and being a huge contributor to global growth and prosperity.

“Britain faces the challenge of abandoning the entitlement of history and enhancing our relationship with the genuine India, the modern India, and the future India. He continued, "We are aware that Indian cuisine is the best in the world." However, in today's world, this cannot serve as the foundation for a serious and deep diplomatic relationship. A relationship with India based on our shared values of democracy and aspiration that will include an FTA as well as a new strategic partnership for global security, climate security, and economic security is what my Labour government will strive for.

The recent trip PM Modi took to the United States has refocused British attention on India. “Where our interests clearly align, there are opportunities here as well — new technologies, new industries, new investments,” Starmer stated, citing AI, the clean energy boom, and defense cooperation.

He lauded British Indians for their contributions to the UK, which included "running our country," he stated.

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