Thursday, June 15, 2023

NIA makes public five images of the attackers of the Indian mission in the UK

 Two or three days after it delivered CCTV film of the Walk 2023 vandalisation endeavor at the Indian High Commission in London, NIA put out more clear photographs of five people who should have been visible disregarding the Indian tricolor, and mentioned data from general society on their personality. " These individuals were involved in an attack on the India High Commission in London on March 19, 2023. They were disrespectful of the Indian National Flag and caused serious injury. "Please WhatsApp/DM @ +917290009373 if you have any information about them," the NIA tweeted on Wednesday evening.

The five individuals' names, addresses for their villages and districts, nationalities, passport information, and phone numbers have all been sought out by the NIA.

The Indian Intelligence Agency (NIA) requested the public's assistance in identifying the pro-Khalistan protesters who were involved in vandalism of the premises, including an unsuccessful attempt to pull down the Indian national flag, on Monday after releasing five videos from CCTV cameras at the Indian High Commission. It has stated that the identity of the informant who provided information about the protesters involved in the vandalism attack will not be made public.

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