Monday, June 19, 2023

Priya Ahuja of Taarak Mehta claims that actresses experience "mental harassment" while filming, and Asit Modi makes sexist comments


Priya Ahuja, an actor who appeared in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, claims that she was dropped from the series and that she was never told why her run on the show was cut short.

In a recent interview, Priya Ahuja, who played Rita Reporter on Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, lashed out at the producers for “unfair” treatment and a toxic work environment that wasn't good for artists.

The actor, who has been a part of the show since the beginning, hasn't been seen on it in a few months. Priya claimed that there was no explanation for why she was dropped from the comedy series. Priya, who was married to the show's 14-year director Malav Rajda, discussed the workplace in an interview with Times of India.

She claimed that her husband's steady job didn't have much of an impact on her, but that her track record on the show was reduced: " When working on Taarak Mehta, the artists are subjected to mental harassment. They never acted badly around me, whether it was Sohil Ramani, Jatin Bajaj, who is like my younger brother, or Asit Kumarr Modi bhai. But when it comes to my job, I've been treated unfairly."

The actor claimed that even after her husband left the show, she was still unaware of her progress. Priya said she had contacted the producers for lucidity yet got no reaction. Additionally, the actor recalled how Asit Modi, the show's producer, would spread sexist remarks.

“Malav is earning, so why should you be worried? This is something Asit bhai has repeatedly stated to me. The actor recalled, "You live life like a queen... She went on to say that it was unfortunate that despite working with the team for 14 long years, she did not receive basic respect.

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