Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Rishi Sunak and his predecessor Boris Johnson got into a verbal altercation

 LONDON: On Monday, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak became embroiled in a public argument with former President Boris Johnson over Johnson's contentious awards to his most important political allies. On Friday, Johnson's long-awaited political honors list was made public. It honored Brexit zealots and even those who were involved in the "Partygate" scandal, which led to Johnson's downfall last year. However, before it was submitted, Johnson's camp made accusations of meddling from Sunak and Downing Street because it did not include several expected names.

Sunak's representative told columnists it was "completely false" that the PM or authorities eliminated names from Johnson's rundown before it was shipped off a Place of Rulers verifying board. After that, the Prime Minister lashed out at Johnson, accusing him of asking him to overrule the committee that disapproved of eight of his nominations to the upper chamber of parliament, which is not elected by the people. "At a tech conference in London, Boris Johnson asked me to do something I wasn't ready for because I didn't think it was right," he said. That was either to break promises to people or to overrule the Holac committee (House of Lords Appointments Commission). I wasn't ready. As I stated, I thought it was wrong, and if others disagree, that's tough." Johnson hit back in an explanation, saying: " Rishi Sunak is talking waste."

The honors list for his resignation has sparked fresh factionalism within the ruling Conservative party.

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