Thursday, June 15, 2023

Things your father said to you when you were young that make sense now


1. "Be a good person first, and everything else will fall into place"

 was a phrase our father frequently used to tell us as kids. This line would be told to us each time we did something wrong. We never understood what a good person is or why it is important to be good, so this would annoy us repeatedly. We only realized how important it is to be a good person when we reached adulthood, left our familiar surroundings, and began earning our own money. Positive thoughts are amplified when we are kind and generous.

2. "Never at any point take on exploitative ways, regardless of how simple they look"

We generally search for simpler ways of finishing things. We sometimes ignore the warning signs of dishonesty because we are so eager to complete our tasks. We are introduced to the short-term warmth of unfair means in this manner. We never understood why dads used to correct us when we were young. Again, it used to occasionally annoy us. However, as adults, we are aware of how problematic dishonesty can be.

3. Dads used to tell us that

"Hard work never goes in vain" when we slept until late at night! We thought it was poison at the time, but now we know it was actually an elixir. Hard work never fails to pay off. It always provides a reward, educates us about our limitations, and enhances our capabilities.

4. "Accept your mistakes, don't cover them up with excuses": 

A father always tries to teach his children this: either out of love or rage. The act of acknowledging one's error does not diminish one's worth. Instead, it makes the individual realize what went wrong and how they can get better.

5. "Never doubt yourself":

 Our father is the only person who is more confident in our abilities than we are. Our dads have always advised us not to doubt ourselves. During our time as students, these words had no meaning to us because we were still adjusting to a harsh world that constantly puts us in situations that make us question who we are. Now, the fathers' statement makes sense.

6. "Learn to manage your finances"

 Oh, that was the most dreaded thing our dad ever said to us as kids! Even when we bought a toy and broke it the next day, we were told about finances. When we did poorly on tests, we were told about school fees, and especially when we asked for something expensive, the whole family's budget was shown to us. However, now that we are in charge of our own finances, we deliberately reduce our spending. We are grateful to our fathers for teaching us the significance of financial management and the value of money.

7. They speak less, but their words stick with us

. Fathers are emotionally invested in their children in a different way than mothers are. We always see our dads trying to correct us while wearing serious expressions and no grins. Having to listen to dads seemed like torture back then. We also occasionally protested. We were sometimes criticized for being such, and we were beaten for being rebels. We gradually realized why he was so straightforward when we started taking on responsibilities.

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