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Timeline of the Fast and Furious Saga's soap opera, including startling plot turns and improbable resurrections

In the Fast and the Furious series, characters die and come back to life, long-lost brothers are revealed, and villains become family. In front of the arrival of the tenth film, Quick X, here's following the series' most significant exciting bends in the road.

The Fast and the Furious Saga is changing in front of our eyes. What started as a sketchy activity series about road racers is currently a globe-running enhanced visualizations spectacle including atomic rockets, interminability, and obviously, the force of family. With the tenth portion of the series out now and the new danger of two additional films to anticipate, this present time's the best opportunity to return to a portion of the more stunning plot improvements that we've found in the adventure.

The drama that has taken place behind the scenes over the course of the show is almost as entertaining as the truly insane spectacle that the series has presented on the big screen. Who can forget Fast and Furious 8's "feud" between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson? Moreover, it's hard to ignore the franchises' completely arbitrary approach to naming individual films. While the fifth film was called Quick Five, the seventh one was named Incensed 7. This is all much more befuddling when you consider the way that the third film isn't really the third film by any means, it's the 6th film, sequentially talking.

The cast of these movies has grown to the point where they are basically the American equivalent of the Harry Potter series, as the budgets increase with each new installment; The roster includes every actor with a SAG card, and guess what? They are getting top dollar for their work. Did you be aware, for example, that the cast of Quick X incorporates three Oscar-winning entertainers and one EGOT victor? However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, here is a chronology of the entire franchise's history.

1. In the 2001 film

 The Fast and the Furious, outlaw street racer Dominic Toretto and undercover cop Brian O'Conner are shown to the audience. The racers' famous side business of selling stolen DVD players is the most outrageous thing that happens. The film becomes a surprise summer hit, romance blossoms over tuna sandwiches, and the idea of NOS captivates an entire generation of teenage boys.

2.2 Diesel decided not to return for the sequel to 

Fast and Furious 3 in 2003. Years later, he claimed that the decision was made because the producers "didn't take a Francis Ford Coppola" approach to it. He was said to have been offered $25 million if he wanted to come back, but he decided to do The Chronicles of Riddick instead because he didn't like the script. The spinoff moved the action from Los Angeles to Miami and centered on Brian, played by Paul Walker. However, it was most notable for introducing Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson to the franchise. It is important to note that neither of them is the comic relief at this point, and Ludacris is just a guy who organizes street races (he will later become a hacker and develop fighting skills on the level of Jackie Chan).

3.The Quick and the Angry: Tokyo Float (2006)

The most reduced earning film in the establishment, the third film is a legitimate side project that doesn't highlight any of the characters from the initial two portions. Instead, it was anticipated that fans would suddenly chuckle at Bow Wow and appreciate the lurching sequences.

Director Justin Lin made his directorial debut with Tokyo Drift, and he would go on to direct some of the series' best entries. However, he was said to have a fight with Vin Diesel, which led to him leaving the franchise for good. Han (played by Sung Kang) was first shown to us in this movie, in which he dies without a doubt but returns years later. Stay firm.

4.Fast & Furious (2009)

 The fourth film in the Fast & Furious series is an important turning point in the series' development. It is essentially a reboot of the franchise that brought back the original cast members after the films two and three received mixed reviews. At this point, the situation began to deteriorate. For example, the group seemed to have stepped up; the film opened with them endeavoring to loot a fuel truck on the thruway, for the sole reason for involving that fuel for road races. Dom almost dies while doing this.

Be that as it may, later, they likewise engage in a cross-line drug carrying activity; The Mexican cartel and a Gal Gadot who was unknown at the time are introduced. Dom's significant other Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez, is killed in a street mishap, and Dom momentarily creates superpowers. Not the tangible variety, which comes later. In Quick and Enraged 4, he can envision the past, and control it with the force of his psyche.

5. Fast Five (2011), widely regarded as the series' best film, found the characters hiding in Brazil as fugitives from the law. At one point, Dom acts like he has always lived there. Because it introduces The Rock to the franchise, this movie is an essential chain link. The previous grappler was all the while getting a traction in the motion pictures, however his star would rise fundamentally in the following several years, provoking him to organize a mission to get his own side project establishment inside the Quick universe.

In addition, the franchise truly transformed into a full-fledged animated series with the fifth installment. The crew famously transported an entire bank vault through Rio de Janeiro's streets in the final chase sequence. You should recall this, since it assumes a vital part in the tenth film.

6.Fast and Angry 6 (2013)

The one with the interminable runway. The crew is being chased around by The Rock in the sixth movie, which takes place primarily in London. We're acquainted with another reprobate called Owen Shaw, played by Luke Evans, and The Stone enrolls Dom and his team's assistance to find him. Because he is informed that Letty is alive and working for Owen, Dom has personal stake in the situation.

However, Dom lives with another woman, Elena, who eventually gives up when she learns that Letty is Dom's true love. In the mean time, Han, who kicked the bucket in Tokyo Float, is dating Lady Gadot's personality Gisele from the fourth film. In the final action sequence of this movie, Gisele passes away, causing Han, who is in mourning, to move to Tokyo and beginning the events of Tokyo Drift. In a mid-credits scene, we're informed that Owen's sibling Deckard Shaw (played by Jason Statham) is the person who killed Han in that film. One resurrection has occurred thus far, in case anyone at home is keeping track.

7.Furious 7 (2015), despite being marred by a tragedy that occurred behind the scenes, is both the most moving and highest-grossing installment in the series. Deckard Shaw, Owen's brother, is the main bad guy. He wants to get back at Dom and his crew for what happened in the sixth movie. This is an establishment about family, all things considered.

In the seventh film, Brian, played by Paul Walker, receives an emotional farewell at the end; Walker was killed in a car accident while filming was still ongoing. To complete the remaining scenes, his brothers took on the role of his character. At this point, the characters that we met over 10 years prior aren't anything at all like their previous selves. Tyrese is a bumbling fool, Ludacris is a computer hacker, and Dom can stomp on concrete and cause a multi-level parking garage to collapse.

In case you missed it, this is also the movie in which The Rock breaks the plaster on his arm by flexing his muscles after saying the enduring phrase "Daddy's gotta go to work."

8. The Fate of the Furious (2017) is perhaps the least memorable installment in the franchise, but it is also chock full of the most bizarre plot twists. Now, Jason Statham is a nice guy; He even helps The Rock save a baby. Another bad guy, a cyberterrorist played by Charlize Theron, is presented. She coerces Dom into recovering an atomic football for her, by hijacking Elena, the lady he was engaged with when Letty was dead, and uncovering to him that Elena has since brought forth a child - - Dom's youngster.

As we probably are aware, Dom never walks out on family, thus, off he goes to get the atomic gadget for an insane cyberterrorist. Deckard Shaw tries to commit suicide, The Rock uses his biceps to nudge a missile, and the crew faces off against submarines. Owen and Deckard Shaw's mother, Helen Mirren, appears in a cameo, but Dom's child survives while Elena dies. Letty consents to acknowledge the child as her own. In case you were wondering, this is not a soap opera.

The rivalry between Diesel and The Rock, on the other hand, was without a doubt the eighth movie's most entertaining aspect. A conspiracy theory that has resulted in at least one widely shared clip from the movie, in which the two characters appear to change size from one shot to the next, was that they weren't even on set together to shoot their scenes.

9.F9 (2021)

Han lives! We are informed, in yet another shocking development, that Han's death was staged. He wasn't even in the vehicle when Deckard Shaw smashed into him in Tokyo. It wouldn't matter if we saw his crumpled body in the rubble? In the Quick and Enraged adventure, nothing is written in stone. The fact that Han is still alive also gives the franchise a chance to portray Deckard as a good guy. We are informed that it was not even his intention to kill Han in the first place; rather, Kurt Russell's Mr. Nobody, a shady government employee, forced him to do so.

F9 likewise filled in as the rebound of chief Justin Lin, who'd exited the establishment after the 6th film, and will by and by after this one. This is also the movie in which Ludacris and Tyrese drive a car into space and Dom swings his car between two mountains like Spider-Man. In addition, Dom's long-lost brother Jakob, a master thief and assassin, is introduced in the ninth film. In the previous eight films, he was never mentioned at all.

10.Fast X

Now is the ideal time to modify the past indeed. Jakob, an Eliminator like person in the 10th film, is displayed as lighthearted element in the trailer for this one. Kurt Russell, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, and Helen Mirren are among those who have returned. Rita Moreno is presented as Dom and Jakob's mom. No one tried to specify her even once previously.

But the most hilarious thing about this movie is that Jason Momoa plays the villain. We learn that he is the nephew of the gangster the crew killed in the fifth film. Do you recall when they transported a bank vault across Rio? Jason Momoa was there and is now seeking vengeance. It is only a matter of time before the franchise introduces robots and body swapping in at least one more film. Wait, nanobots have already existed.

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