Thursday, June 29, 2023

Why the joint statement from India and the US alarmed Myanmar


Myanmar's Service of International concerns has censured the joint articulation by US President Joe Biden and Indian PM Narendra Modi on the "crumbling circumstance" in the Southeast Asian country, The Irrawaddy detailed. Myanmar, what imparts a 1,600km line to India's Upper east, has been seeing a nationwide conflict since the 2021 upset.

How the joint statement called for the release of all political prisoners, the establishment of constructive dialogue, and the transition to a federal democratic system that is inclusive

Why? In a statement, the junta foreign ministry said that Myanmar "seeks understanding, support, and constructive cooperation of the international community to the government's efforts to build a union based on democracy and federalism as well as condemnation of terrorism in all its forms to ensure peace, stability, and development in Myanmar." This statement was issued in response to the junta's statement.

Over 150 people have been sentenced to death by the regime. However, the statement stated that it commuted 59 death sentences to life in prison and granted amnesty to 62,818 inmates," the report stated.

Relations between India and Myanmar In spite of the joint statement, New Delhi has not yet officially condemned the military generals in Myanmar since their February 2021 coup overthrew a democratically elected government led by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy.

Additionally, India is one of the few nations that continues to cooperate with the junta. The junta has proposed a fake election, which Western nations have dismissed, and New Delhi has offered to help.

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