Monday, July 31, 2023

A daredevil known for high-rise exploits has died after jumping from a Hong Kong tower, according to reports


The French adventurer Remi Lucidi, known for his daring stunts that defy death, tragically passed away in Hong Kong while attempting a daring feat. According to the South China Morning Post, the incident occurred at the Tregunter Tower complex, a 68-story residential tower.

Lucidi, who was famously perceived online as Remi Riddle, had embarked to climb the transcending structure when the appalling mishap happened, bringing about his inopportune destruction. He only had 30 years of age.

As per Hong Kong specialists, Lucidi showed up at the structure around 6pm, professing to visit a companion dwelling on the 40th floor. In any case, doubts emerged when the supposed companion affirmed that he didn't know Lucidi. In spite of a security official's endeavor to confine him, Lucidi figured out how to get close enough to a lift and proceeded with his climb.

Before the specialists could answer, Lucidi unfortunately tumbled from the Tregunter Way constructing and was articulated dead on location. The police found a collection of videos from his extreme sports adventures on his sports camera during their investigation.

A post was made on the Frenchman's Instagram account just five days before the unfortunate incident. The subtitle read "Hong Kong" and highlighted a photograph taken from Times Square in Boulevard Cove. Numerous social media users posted sincere "rest in peace" messages in the post's comments section following the tragedy.

Further investigation of Lucidi's online presence revealed additional images of his daring adventures. These included pictures of him climbing and remaining on skyscraper framework and structures in different areas like Dubai, Bulgaria, and France over the last year.

An especially trying video caught last October portrayed him climbing France's tallest fireplace and valiantly strolling along the edge of the transcending 300-meter structure with next to no security outfit, exhibiting his mind boggling nerve and daringness.

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