Monday, July 31, 2023

After Ravi Kumar's arrival, Cognizant witnesses the departure of the old guard


BENGALURU: Ravi Kumar, who took over as President of Aware Innovation Arrangements (CTS) recently, seems to refashion his initiative group. A few of his ancestor Brian Humphries' key recruits have left the association following Kumar's entrance.

The most recent exit is that of Aware's leader for worldwide development markets, Loot Walker. All he had joined Mindful in 2021 as MD of the UK and Ireland business, yet generally as of late covered Conscious' business sectors beyond the Americas locale. An email to Insightful on Walker's exit didn't get a reaction.

Anil Cheriyan, who was EVP of strategy and technology, is one of the others who left recently. Cheriyan was the US president's nominee in charge of technology transformation services prior to joining Cognizant. Recently, Becky Schmitt, who was boss individuals official, surrendered.

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