Tuesday, July 4, 2023

"Climate change" UK experiences its warmest June

LONDON: The UK's weather agency reported on Monday that the country experienced its hottest June since records began in 1884. The agency added that this unusual heat will become more common in the coming decades due to human-caused global warming. The Met Office stated that the average temperature for June was 15.8 degrees Celsius, which was 0.9 degrees hotter than the joint previous record of 14.9 degrees Celsius set in 1940 and 1976. It described the most recent record as having a "fingerprint of climate change."

 According to Paul Davies of the Met, "the chance of surpassing the previous record of 14.9C could be as high as approximately 50%, or every other year" by the 2050s.
Huge region of the country, from the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland to Cornwall in southwest Britain, set provincial high temperature records last month, with many encountering mean temperatures that were 2.5C a lot. Water use limitations have been forced in pieces of southeastern Britain in the midst of record interest for drinking water. Scotland has placed districts on water shortage alert.

According to the weather service, the month's highest temperature was 32.2C, which is significantly higher than the typical maximum temperature for this time of year, which is in the low 20s. Met researchers have recently said 2022 was the most sultry year on record for the UK. AGencies

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