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Harmanpreet Kaur was penalised for two matches after an on-field outburst in the third ODI between India and Bangladesh


NEW DELHI: India chief Harmanpreet Kaur has been suspended for her group's next two global games, after she crushed the stumps and verbally attacked the umpires, following two separate breaks of the ICC Overarching set of principles during the third match of their ICC Ladies' Title series against Bangladesh in Dhaka on Saturday.

The suspension implies that she will be missing two matches in the forthcoming Asian Games in September-October in Hangzhou, China.

Kaur's dissatisfaction became clear when she was given out on 14, inciting her to vent her resentment by raising a ruckus around town. Following the match, she openly condemned the umpiring, marking it as "despicable.

"Kaur was fined 50% of her match expense and three bad mark focuses were added to her disciplinary record for a Level 2 offense after she was seen as at legitimate fault for penetrating article 2.8 of the ICC Set of principles for Players and Player Backing Staff, which connects with "showing dispute at an umpire's choice," an ICC media proclamation read.

Harmanpreet Kaur faces analysis for wild way of behaving against Banglades

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"Kaur was likewise fined 25% of her match expense for a Level 1 offense after she was seen as at legitimate fault for penetrating article 2.7, which connects with "public analysis comparable to an occurrence happening in a global match," the assertion read.

The main occurrence happened in the 34th over of India's innings when Kaur hit the wickets with her bat in a demonstration of difference after she was decreed gotten at sneak off spinner Nahida Akter. The other episode was during the show service when Kaur censured the umpiring in the match.

"Kaur conceded the offenses and acknowledged the approvals proposed by Akhtar Ahmed of the Emirates ICC Global Board of Match Refs and, thusly, there was no requirement for a conventional hearing," the assertion read.

On-field umpires Tanvir Ahmed and Muhammad Kamruzzaman, third umpire Moniruzzamman and fourth umpire Ali Arman evened out the charges.

A Level 2 break conveys a punishment of somewhere in the range of 50 and 100 percent of a player's match charge and three or four negative mark focuses while a Level 1 break conveys a base punishment of an authority censure, a greatest punishment of 50% of a player's match expense, and a couple of fault focuses.

"Kaur's four fault guides convert toward two suspension focuses. As two suspension focuses compare to a restriction from one Test or two ODIs or two T20Is, anything that starts things out for the player or player support staff, Kaur stands suspended from India's impending matches," the ICC added.

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