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Aditya Roy Kapur discusses The Night Manager 2, the search for a compelling love story, and overcoming the stigma of being "laidback" "Hungry to feel uneasy

 Aditya Roy Kapur talks about the success of The Night Manager 2, why he doesn't want to do only heavy-duty action movies, and what he wants right now.

Aditya Roy Kapur has an image of being a laid-back, easygoing person, but on the professional front, he has been "aggressive" about his career, making choices, experiencing success, overcoming setbacks, and regaining his footing in the industry after 15 years.

I might be laid-back about other things, like being a public figure, doing PR, or doing other things in the background. However, he tells, "But the reason I am here is because I love my work." The actor is pleased with the response to Disney Plus Hotstar's The Night Manager 2 at this time.

In a meeting with, the entertainer opens about the outcome of the show, longing for an extraordinary heartfelt film, not having any desire to carry out just weighty responsibility actioners and what explicitly is he hungry for at this phase of his profession.

Edited portions:

What does the show's reception feel like?

When you put so much effort into something, like we did on this one, and then see the results, it feels great. This time, there were high expectations and a fairly high standard. So it feels good that people have shown us love, and it feels good to have done the job right. There was trepidation to see if there was a connection.

How do actors determine how well-received their work is? How do you go about monitoring social media, reviews, or the number of texts you get?

I have understood that regardless of how great you are, in the event that the story or the undertaking doesn't work completely then, at that point… You really do get the appreciation, yet it isn't equivalent to when something is enjoyed all in all. If you are good in a bad movie, you will get some praise, but it won't be the same as when the movie is good. A great performance is often overlooked when a story doesn't make sense as a whole. However, even the feedback that says, "We didn't like the film as much but you were good" is important because it reminds you that you did a good job.

Have you heard that a spin-off of your character from the show is being requested?

It does sound intriguing due to the fact that Shaan is a character who seems to have lived a full life long before appearing on The Night Manager. There is unquestionably a story there that merits investigation. However, the directors and writers are obviously the ones who must be excited about this. As entertainers, in the event that you give us a decent job we will turn up on sets, however they must be first adequately energized by the thought.

Your most recent projects indicate that you were focused on something intense and decisive. Is that how you're feeling right now?

I might have been at one point, but I no longer plan to do thrillers and action movies. In fact, I'm collaborating with Anurag Basu on Metro in Dino, a light-hearted romantic comedy. As an actor, you want to keep moving around and not be in the same place, so doing that makes me happy. After Malang, which was a suspenseful love story, I probably decided to take on a couple of more interesting roles. I adore this genre, and when it succeeds, it does exceptionally well. So perhaps that is the reason it seems as though the last couple of ones have been there. Having said that, these ventures have been unique in relation to each other. It isn't so much that that I simply believe should do thrill rides and activity no, that is not the situation.

You were right when you mentioned Metro because a portion of the audience misses you in your soft, romantic roles from earlier in your career, such as Aashiqui, Ok Jaanu, and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani....

Perhaps I should give that more thought when making my decisions. I'm glad Metro In Dino is coming because that section will get to see me in that space. I love doing these movies too, it is a wonderful kind. However, I would absolutely love to work on another intense love story-based romantic film. Put the word out!

Despite the fact that you project and role choices appear to be very aggressive, your public image portrays you as a laid-back, chill guy. There is a polarity.

From the external one could see me to be laidback yet I have never been laidback with regards to my work. I might be casual about other things, like being a public figure, PR, or other things that are peripheral. However, the explanation I'm here is on the grounds that I love my work, making characters. Consequently, I may appear laid-back from the outside, but I have always been extremely passionate about my work. However, I believe I need that balance; When I'm working, I'm very aggressive and intense, but sometimes I need to turn off so I don't feel that way. I can't be "on" all the time. I need to recharge and return before I can devote my full attention to my next endeavor.

What do you yearn for at this point in your career?

to keep pushing my capabilities. After 10 years in the business, I realized I could act in Malang. When you then do it, people begin to view you differently. However, they must first see you! Therefore, I want to continue putting myself in situations where I am slightly uneasy, reaching a little bit for something I haven't done before. I'm eager for that vibe of being awkward.

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