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Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 was what Sheezan Khan claimed he needed at this time in his life: "Even though I went through so much anxiety, fear...


Sheezan Khan discusses why he chose to participate in Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 and how the support of his fans kept him going.

Sheezan Khan's life went off in a strange direction on 24 December last year. His former girlfriend and co-star Tunisha Sharma committed suicide, and her mother accused him of assisting in her death. He was taken into custody the following day and held for 70 days. He realized that he had been replaced on his television show Ali Baba once he was released on bail. However, the young actor said that he really needed the Rohit Shetty-hosted series to regain his confidence, so Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 gave him hope.

Calling his excursion on the experience unscripted TV drama 'otherworldly, perilous and gutsy', Sheezan said that he additionally got to satisfy his numerous firsts through it. " It was my first appearance on a reality show, my first trip to another country, my first encounter with Rohit sir, and my first time performing such thrilling stunts. Simply the reality he addressed me was something major for me. It has been such an opportunity for growth on the show," Sheezan told.

The actor revealed that he was anxious and scared before flying to Cape Town for the shoot. He added that he was placed into the world out of nowhere from restriction and was all the while becoming acclimated to an ordinary life. " I truly didn't get a lot of opportunity to get ready. When this came my direction, I just took it up. There was tension and a show genuinely tests you truly and intellectually. I was terrified the way in which it will go however when we began rolling, I understood it was simply anxiety in front of large audiences. Everything just fell set up and it was all fun from that point on."

Having avoided his family for a very long time, we contemplated whether it was hard to head out alone for another excursion. Sheezan revealed that his mother and siblings are his pillars of support. At the point when I was on a video call with them subsequent to arriving in South Africa, they were in a real sense moving. They are glad that I have returned to work. Because of the time contrast, we were unable to talk a lot yet my mom would remain conscious even late to have the option to address me. I would also send a text before I did a stunt because I was confident that her prayers would assist me.

The actor went on to say that when he was a kid, Khatron Ke Khiladi was his favorite show, and he and his mother would watch the original episode on AXN. He also hasn't told his family anything about his stunts because he wants them to watch and be surprised. He added that he didn't accept the show as a rivalry, yet rather a way to experience his fantasies. " In any event, when I went through such a lot of uneasiness and dread, I can unhesitatingly say it was all worth the effort," he added happily.

Given the debate was so new, we inquired as to whether he dreaded being decided by his co-candidates. Shaking his head, he excused it expressing, "Not by any stretch. That was never a concern for me." While many had guessed he would enter Bigg Chief, he said that this came to him and he got it with two hands. " Today, I can say it was the best choice of my life. I kept wondering how the journey would affect me, as everyone keeps saying it will. Subsequent to going through the excursion, I understood the amount I have changed, and my family also feels it. I'm positive and sure at this point. I truly required it at this moment."

On being inquired as to whether he would get Bigg Supervisor 17 next, Sheezan chuckled, "The present moment, I'm just trusting that this show will hit screens. As I'm watching the promotions, it's reminding me the amount of fun we possessed. I also want it to be seen by everyone. Likewise, I have discovered that you can't think and plan what's in store. Things will occur according to the all-powerful and you simply should be prepared for it."

While Sheezan Khan didn't focus on the dull stage in his life, he shared that very much like KKK, life also is turning around your apprehensions. " Anything that comes your direction, you want to confront it and arise out of it. Aborting anything is not an option. I guess I can say with confidence that I am Khatron Ke Khiladi today because this show teaches me so much about life. Furthermore, after this show, I can see the world Sheezan Khan is back."

The entertainer likewise said that when he emerged from prison, he was moved by the adoration individuals had for him. He said, "I saw the affection later and was so moved. During my namaz, I bow down to Allah and express my gratitude for everything He has given me. He has given me so much, and I will never know if I deserve it. I am so appreciative for that and can't express gratitude toward him enough. Indeed, even today, when I post a photograph, these individuals are so energized. They are looking forward for my rebound, and I'm glad for them. Life is tied in with supporting and motivating individuals genuinely."

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