Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Military leaders in Gabon proclaim their seizure of power

 LIBREVILLE: After the state election body announced that President Ali Bongo had won a third term, a group of senior Gabonese military officers made an appearance on television in the early hours of Wednesday to declare that they had taken power.

Showing up on the TV slot Gabon 24, the officials said they addressed all security and safeguard powers in the Focal African country. They said the political decision results were dropped, all boundaries shut until additional notification and state organizations broke down.

The nation's government did not immediately respond with a response.

"For the sake of the Gabonese public ... we find chose to safeguard the harmony by stopping the ongoing system," the officials said.

Pressures were running intense in the midst of fears of distress after Saturday's official, parliamentary, and authoritative vote, which saw Bongo looking to broaden his family's 56-year hold on influence while the resistance pushed for change in the oil and cocoa-rich however neediness stricken country.

An absence of global eyewitnesses, the suspension of a few unfamiliar transmissions, and the specialists' choice to cut web access and force an evening time limit cross country after the survey has raised worries about the straightforwardness of the constituent cycle.

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